Friday, December 26, 2008

Crafting in January

It's been a busy time of year, I'm sure for all of you, so you will understand why its just a simple invite this time.
Craft night will be January 16th, 2009
(sorry about the date change)
at the same place (The Columbus Center room #105)
(if you need the address or directions please let me know)

RSVP for the SNOW letters must be received on or before January 2, 2009
RSVP for others must be in on or before January 6, 2009

Supplies and step by step instructions are provided. Finished products and take home kits are available for an additional charge.

The following pictures are what is available with the information/description following each. In your RSVP e-mail please include which item you would like to make and the quantity, thank you.

#1. SNOW letters $20.00
RSVP must be received on or before January 2, 2009
Each solid wood letter is painted a different winter color. Then decorative winter paper is mod podged on top, with sanded edges(optional). (The winter paper may be different from what is pictured depending on availability) The finishing touches are ribbon and embelishments of your choice. The max height is: 10" and when set up they span a width of about: 2.5'.

#2. Valentine Candy Jar $10.00

This glass jar measures 4x4x4". It has Blossom colored vinyl that reads: "I love you" on two sides while the other two sides have white vinyl that reads: "XOXO". This jar looks great with Red, White, and Pink M&M's in it. (M&M's not included)

#3. Valentine Blocks $10.00

These solid wood blocks are painted, sanded and then stained (optional) for the antique look. The top block measures approx. 6x2.5", is painted Antique White with Brick Red vinyl that reads: "LOVE YOU". The bottom block measures approx. 7x2.5", is also painted Antique White with Brick Red vinyl that reads: "Valentine". The side block measures approx. 2.5x5", is painted Barn Red and has a Beige vinyl heart on it.

#4. LOVE blocks $13.00

These solid wood blocks measure approx. 3.5x3.5" each. They are painted Antique White, then sanded for the antique look. Each block has a Brick Red vinyl letter on it: "L, O, V, E". All wrapped in celophane and tied with ribbon. (Included)

I appologize for not having the "finished product" done for the photos. Like I said before, it has been a busy season. I have included images of what the vinyl will look like and I tried to match the vinyl colors as best as I could. If you visit you can see the vinyl colors a little better. Thanks I look forward to seeing you there!

*Please wear clothing that is okay to get paint, stain, or mod podge on, these don't come out.*

All vinyl supplied by:
Thoughts That Stick

Monday, November 24, 2008

Results of the Christmas Crafts

Ok, so I totally forgot my camera again, so there will be no pics to see how much fun we had.

I would like to thank everyone who came and participated, we (I hope you all) really had a great time! I can't wait for the next one.

January 9, 2009

Bear with me, I will get the invite out with the pictures of the items, I'm just a little busy with Christmas around the corner--so many craft orders to make!

So here are the results of the largest drawing we have ever had! (I am also proud to say, this is the largest craft night we have ever had! Thanks) This time I had everyone put a ticket in for each item they made. So the more they crafted the better chance they had at winning!

Red Bell: Ann L.
Red Bell: Becky
White Bell: Ann L.
White Bell: Heather
Green Bell: Heather
Green Bell: Emlyn
Believe Glass Block: Becky
Bundle of Cinnamon Sticks: Linda J.
Snowman ornament: Judy L.
Photo Block: Amanda B.

Congratulations to you all! I hope you are enjoying your gifts.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Turkey Winners!

Ok so I'm a little chalenged when it comes to computers. I know many of you have been so excited to see the results of the Turkey carving night, but I couldn't post it yet because then it would post over the 12 Days of Christmas Crafts. So anyway, better late then never, I always say. Thank you all who came and participated. I look forward to seeing you November 8th!

Hope you like the pics! (it's been so long, I don't know that I can remember everyone who won the drawing, but I'll try-sorry)

Ghost Bell-Paul
Jack-o-Lantern Bell- Jennifer
Cat Bell- Karen's daughter (please forgive me, I am terrible with names)
Peace on Earth Plate- Bobi

Saturday, October 11, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Crafts!

Join me for the 12 Days of Christmas Crafts!

Saturday November 8, 2008

Whether you are looking for a festive decoration for your home, a personalized gift for the person who's name you drew out of the hat this year, or for those special neighbors that live across the street; there are 12 great hand crafted items to choose from. You can make as many as you want, for a great price.

Supplies and step by step instructions are provided with each craft item. Kits are available for a $2 charge (for those of you who can't make it that day) and finished projects are available for a $2-$5 charge depending on the item. If you would like to hold your own craft night, that is possible too.

If you are interested please RSVP on or before October 31, 2008 to:

Please include the quantity and item # you would like to make, plus all the information pertaining to that particular craft.


1. Monogram Tile $12.00

This is a 12" tile with a vinyl monogram. This is made to order and can be made with or without a last name.

2. Family Name Sign $15.00

This wood plaque in your choice of paint color, with a (your) family name and year established all in your choice of vinyl color. Sign measures approx 24"x6"

3. Everyday/Holiday magnets $8.00

These everyday/Holiday magnets measure approx. 1.5" x 4". Your choice of paint color, vinyl color and words. Word options:Family, Artwork, Homework, Grades, Bills, To Do, Love, Home, Believe, Peace, Winter and Joy.

4. Jack Frost Removal Kit $15.00

This is a one gallon paint can, decorated with winter paper, filled with Ice Melt and comes with a 5oz Aluminum scoop.

5. Snowman in a bucket $20.00

This is a one gallon bucket decorated with winter paper. Kit includes: 1 Fabric hat, 1 fabric scarf, 1 pair of fabric gloves, 2 flat marble eyes, 5-6 black stones for the mouth, 1 carrot nose, 3 black buttons, and cinnamon sticks for arms.

6. Hip Christmas Trees block set $10.00

This is a set of 3 blocks painted red with different colors of vinyl hip Christmas trees. The blocks measure 6", 7", & 8" in height. When set up, they span a distance of about 1'.

7. The stockings were hung. $20.00

This is a wood plaque, your choice of paint and has a vinyl sticker that reads: "The stockings were hung" in your choice of vinyl color. Sign includes 4 knobs to hang stockings on. Measures approx. 24"x6"

8. Christmas Coasters $10.00

This is a set of Christmas coasters. They have 4 Christmas designs on them. The vinyl is Brick Red and Sherwood Green. Set will be tied with white tulle, ready for gift giving.

9. Christmas Countdown Blocks $6.00

These countdown blocks are covered in Christmas paper. The top blocks measure approx 1.5"x1.5"x1.5" and are placed on a Hunter Green block that measures approx 4"x1.5"x3.5".

10. NOEL Blocks $12.00

This is a set of 4 blocks painted white and covered with Christmas paper, with Olive Green vinyl letters that read: NOEL. The max height is approx 8" and span a distance of about 16".

11. Holiday Plates $10.00 ea.

The Green 9" square plate has White vinyl that reads: "Cookies for Santa"

The Red 10" round plate has Avacado Green vinyl that reads: "Merry Christmas"

Both plates are HANDWASH ONLY

12. Nativity Set (10 pieces) $20.00

This Nativity is painted brown, with roughed up edges and faces, with raffia tied on a fiew pieces. Max height7" and spans an distance of about 2'.

Paint color choices are:



Barn Red

True Red

Hunter Green



*If you have a special color you want, that is not on the above list, you are welcome to bring it with you and use that instead.

All vinyl provided by:
Thoughts That Stick

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Turkey crafters Night in the Shop

Friday October 17, 2008 from 6:00-8:00p.m. we will be in the shop crafting up turkey creations!

Here's what's cookin'!

#1 Gather together in gratitude

$20.00- just the box $35.00- with candles and filler

This is a planter box that measures 30"x4"x6" painted brown with roughed up edges. It has beige vinyl lettering on it that reads: Gather together in gratitude

#2 Harvest Blocks


This is a set of 8 wood blocks painted Antique White with sanded edges, with Nut Brown vinyl that reads: HARVEST with a small pumpkin image under the E. The max height of this item is approx. 7" and spans a length of about 25".

#3 Give Thanks


This is a wood plaque that is painted Dark Brown with sanded edges. There is a Nut Brown colored vinyl pumpkin image with Beige overlay that reads: Give Thanks. Hung by a decorative sheer Gold ribbon. This ribbon is very special to me. It is from my wedding! You are very lucky I am sharing it with you :) This plaque measures approx. 9"x9".

#4 Turkey, Harvest, Giving Thanks


This is a set of 3 blocks, painted multi fall colors, stacked atop one another. Each has a Chocolate Brown vinyl sticker that reads one of the following: Turkey, Harvest, Giving Thanks. This item measures approx. 7"x6".

#5 Gobble, Gobble


This is a set of two 2x3 blocks, 7" in length. They are painted Antique White with sanded edges. They have Chocolate vinyl on them that reads: Gobble Gobble. Each has decorative fabric/ribbon tied around the ends.

If you are interested contact:

Kits are available for a $2.00 charge plus shipping if being shipped.

Finished products are available for a $2.00-$5.00 charge depending on the item, plus shipping if being shipped.

All items feature vinyl by:

Brewing Results

Thanks to everyone who came!
Especially those who helped set up and clean up. I appreciate it immensely.

It was a great night and I believe you all had a good time. (At least that's what everyone was saying) I look forward to the next night and hope to see you all there.

The winners of the drawing were:

Jessica- witch block
Alli- witch block
Heather- witch boot

I hope you 3 enjoy your prize/decoration.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wicked Witches and Wizards Convention!

SEPTEMBER 26, 2008 6:00p.m.

Join me, the witches and the wizards for a night of brewing!

We will be brewing one(or more) of the pictured creations of your choice.
All supplies and step by step instructions will be provided.
If you are interested, you must R.S.V.P. to:
on or before SEPTEMBER 19th
to reserve a spot for your cauldron.
Please include: your name, contact information, and the item(s) you will be making. If you'd like to bring a treat to share, include that as well. Address will be given when R.S.V.P. is received.
Hope to see you there!
* If these items interest you, but you don't want to or can't come, kits are available for $2.00 extra.
* If you want to hold your own craft night, ask me about that!
Brewing Cautions and Information
#1 CAUTION $12.00
This wood sign measures approx. 6x24 with vinyl lettering that reads: CAUTION with an overlay of low flying bats. This sign is a great addition to any Halloween decorated room.
#2 Welcome $20.00
This wood sign measures approx. 8x18 with vinyl lettering that reads: Welcome the witch is IN or OUT. The IN and OUT can be flipped to read either. This is a festive sign to have hanging on your door during the month of October.
#3 SPOOKY $15.00
This is a set of 5 blocks with vinyl lettering that reads: S P OO K Y. When set up the max height is 8" and spans a length of just under 2'. Great for a table top decoration.
#4 Wilda $20.00
Wilda is a standing decoration. She does a HORROR-ific job at welcoming your company in an entry way/room. She stands 2' tall and is made of a solid wood base, with fabric and cotton additions to make her complete. She is an advanced project. The pictured hat may be slightly different than yours.
#5 Witch $30.00
These wooden letters are great to place on the top of the fridge, on a shelf in an entry way or even on the table. They will be painted, sanded, and stained for you, all you need to do is decorate them the way you choose. The max height is 1' and the length is 2'. At the moment I only have 3 kits left, but I will try to get more as I receive your R.S.V.P. I will let you know if you are guaranteed one when I receive your information. Sorry for the inconvenience on this one.
#6 Spider $10.00 or $15.00
This is a decorative glass jar, with a tight seal lid. Vinyl lettering is placed on it and reads: Spider Cider. $10.00 kit includes jar, raffia, wire whisk, and measuring cup. $15.00 kit includes everything listed above plus Apple Cider Powder to put in your jar. This item is great to have for parties and to use/drink throughout the month on cold days!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I just wanted to post an update to let you know that the very first craft night went great! There was a good turn out and everyone had a lot of fun.! Beth and Jennifer won the drawing. Beth got the small pumpkin and Jennifer got the large pumpkin. Congrats! Thanks to all who participated!

The next night is already planned, it will be on the 26th of September. More info will be posted soon...stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fall Crafts

August 22, 2008 6:00 p.m.

The night will be spent putting together the above craft(s) of your choice. When you come you will be provided with all the supplies necessary, receive personal instructions, and all your questions will be answered.

If you are interested please R.S.V.P.
on or before August 16, 2008 to:

Please include your name, contact information, and which craft you will be making.

Autumn Door Hang $10.00

This is an antiqued wood sign measuring approx. 8"x18" with vinyl lettering that reads: AUTUMN in Chocolate Brown with an overlay, watch for falling leaves, in Burnt Orange.

This is a beginners craft. No experience necessary!

Happy Fall Blocks $15.00

This project consists of 6 various sized blocks painted different colors with vinyl placed on each. When set up, the height is 8" and it spans a lengt of 28".

This is also a beginners craft. No experience necessary!

Scarecrow Sherman $20.00

Sherman is a standing decoration. he is 2' tall and his arms span a distance of 13". He is made of cuddly cotton and straggly straw, all hung on a dowel secured in a wooden base. He is a little more difficult to make.

No experience necessary, as long as you have determination and patience!

Featuring vinyl by:

Thoughts That Stick