Saturday, October 11, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Crafts!

Join me for the 12 Days of Christmas Crafts!

Saturday November 8, 2008

Whether you are looking for a festive decoration for your home, a personalized gift for the person who's name you drew out of the hat this year, or for those special neighbors that live across the street; there are 12 great hand crafted items to choose from. You can make as many as you want, for a great price.

Supplies and step by step instructions are provided with each craft item. Kits are available for a $2 charge (for those of you who can't make it that day) and finished projects are available for a $2-$5 charge depending on the item. If you would like to hold your own craft night, that is possible too.

If you are interested please RSVP on or before October 31, 2008 to:

Please include the quantity and item # you would like to make, plus all the information pertaining to that particular craft.


1. Monogram Tile $12.00

This is a 12" tile with a vinyl monogram. This is made to order and can be made with or without a last name.

2. Family Name Sign $15.00

This wood plaque in your choice of paint color, with a (your) family name and year established all in your choice of vinyl color. Sign measures approx 24"x6"

3. Everyday/Holiday magnets $8.00

These everyday/Holiday magnets measure approx. 1.5" x 4". Your choice of paint color, vinyl color and words. Word options:Family, Artwork, Homework, Grades, Bills, To Do, Love, Home, Believe, Peace, Winter and Joy.

4. Jack Frost Removal Kit $15.00

This is a one gallon paint can, decorated with winter paper, filled with Ice Melt and comes with a 5oz Aluminum scoop.

5. Snowman in a bucket $20.00

This is a one gallon bucket decorated with winter paper. Kit includes: 1 Fabric hat, 1 fabric scarf, 1 pair of fabric gloves, 2 flat marble eyes, 5-6 black stones for the mouth, 1 carrot nose, 3 black buttons, and cinnamon sticks for arms.

6. Hip Christmas Trees block set $10.00

This is a set of 3 blocks painted red with different colors of vinyl hip Christmas trees. The blocks measure 6", 7", & 8" in height. When set up, they span a distance of about 1'.

7. The stockings were hung. $20.00

This is a wood plaque, your choice of paint and has a vinyl sticker that reads: "The stockings were hung" in your choice of vinyl color. Sign includes 4 knobs to hang stockings on. Measures approx. 24"x6"

8. Christmas Coasters $10.00

This is a set of Christmas coasters. They have 4 Christmas designs on them. The vinyl is Brick Red and Sherwood Green. Set will be tied with white tulle, ready for gift giving.

9. Christmas Countdown Blocks $6.00

These countdown blocks are covered in Christmas paper. The top blocks measure approx 1.5"x1.5"x1.5" and are placed on a Hunter Green block that measures approx 4"x1.5"x3.5".

10. NOEL Blocks $12.00

This is a set of 4 blocks painted white and covered with Christmas paper, with Olive Green vinyl letters that read: NOEL. The max height is approx 8" and span a distance of about 16".

11. Holiday Plates $10.00 ea.

The Green 9" square plate has White vinyl that reads: "Cookies for Santa"

The Red 10" round plate has Avacado Green vinyl that reads: "Merry Christmas"

Both plates are HANDWASH ONLY

12. Nativity Set (10 pieces) $20.00

This Nativity is painted brown, with roughed up edges and faces, with raffia tied on a fiew pieces. Max height7" and spans an distance of about 2'.

Paint color choices are:



Barn Red

True Red

Hunter Green



*If you have a special color you want, that is not on the above list, you are welcome to bring it with you and use that instead.

All vinyl provided by:
Thoughts That Stick