Saturday, September 27, 2008

Turkey crafters Night in the Shop

Friday October 17, 2008 from 6:00-8:00p.m. we will be in the shop crafting up turkey creations!

Here's what's cookin'!

#1 Gather together in gratitude

$20.00- just the box $35.00- with candles and filler

This is a planter box that measures 30"x4"x6" painted brown with roughed up edges. It has beige vinyl lettering on it that reads: Gather together in gratitude

#2 Harvest Blocks


This is a set of 8 wood blocks painted Antique White with sanded edges, with Nut Brown vinyl that reads: HARVEST with a small pumpkin image under the E. The max height of this item is approx. 7" and spans a length of about 25".

#3 Give Thanks


This is a wood plaque that is painted Dark Brown with sanded edges. There is a Nut Brown colored vinyl pumpkin image with Beige overlay that reads: Give Thanks. Hung by a decorative sheer Gold ribbon. This ribbon is very special to me. It is from my wedding! You are very lucky I am sharing it with you :) This plaque measures approx. 9"x9".

#4 Turkey, Harvest, Giving Thanks


This is a set of 3 blocks, painted multi fall colors, stacked atop one another. Each has a Chocolate Brown vinyl sticker that reads one of the following: Turkey, Harvest, Giving Thanks. This item measures approx. 7"x6".

#5 Gobble, Gobble


This is a set of two 2x3 blocks, 7" in length. They are painted Antique White with sanded edges. They have Chocolate vinyl on them that reads: Gobble Gobble. Each has decorative fabric/ribbon tied around the ends.

If you are interested contact:

Kits are available for a $2.00 charge plus shipping if being shipped.

Finished products are available for a $2.00-$5.00 charge depending on the item, plus shipping if being shipped.

All items feature vinyl by:

Brewing Results

Thanks to everyone who came!
Especially those who helped set up and clean up. I appreciate it immensely.

It was a great night and I believe you all had a good time. (At least that's what everyone was saying) I look forward to the next night and hope to see you all there.

The winners of the drawing were:

Jessica- witch block
Alli- witch block
Heather- witch boot

I hope you 3 enjoy your prize/decoration.