Friday, December 26, 2008

Crafting in January

It's been a busy time of year, I'm sure for all of you, so you will understand why its just a simple invite this time.
Craft night will be January 16th, 2009
(sorry about the date change)
at the same place (The Columbus Center room #105)
(if you need the address or directions please let me know)

RSVP for the SNOW letters must be received on or before January 2, 2009
RSVP for others must be in on or before January 6, 2009

Supplies and step by step instructions are provided. Finished products and take home kits are available for an additional charge.

The following pictures are what is available with the information/description following each. In your RSVP e-mail please include which item you would like to make and the quantity, thank you.

#1. SNOW letters $20.00
RSVP must be received on or before January 2, 2009
Each solid wood letter is painted a different winter color. Then decorative winter paper is mod podged on top, with sanded edges(optional). (The winter paper may be different from what is pictured depending on availability) The finishing touches are ribbon and embelishments of your choice. The max height is: 10" and when set up they span a width of about: 2.5'.

#2. Valentine Candy Jar $10.00

This glass jar measures 4x4x4". It has Blossom colored vinyl that reads: "I love you" on two sides while the other two sides have white vinyl that reads: "XOXO". This jar looks great with Red, White, and Pink M&M's in it. (M&M's not included)

#3. Valentine Blocks $10.00

These solid wood blocks are painted, sanded and then stained (optional) for the antique look. The top block measures approx. 6x2.5", is painted Antique White with Brick Red vinyl that reads: "LOVE YOU". The bottom block measures approx. 7x2.5", is also painted Antique White with Brick Red vinyl that reads: "Valentine". The side block measures approx. 2.5x5", is painted Barn Red and has a Beige vinyl heart on it.

#4. LOVE blocks $13.00

These solid wood blocks measure approx. 3.5x3.5" each. They are painted Antique White, then sanded for the antique look. Each block has a Brick Red vinyl letter on it: "L, O, V, E". All wrapped in celophane and tied with ribbon. (Included)

I appologize for not having the "finished product" done for the photos. Like I said before, it has been a busy season. I have included images of what the vinyl will look like and I tried to match the vinyl colors as best as I could. If you visit you can see the vinyl colors a little better. Thanks I look forward to seeing you there!

*Please wear clothing that is okay to get paint, stain, or mod podge on, these don't come out.*

All vinyl supplied by:
Thoughts That Stick