Sunday, July 6, 2014

So it's been a LONG while!

Hello everyone....if anyone is still there! I feel so bad that I have not been crafting. No excuses here, but in case you want to know here's why:

We did major construction on our house...we actually moved our house to the back yard so we could dig a basement. In order to have this happen we needed to tear down our garage, AKA my workshop! I was sad, but SUPER excited to double the size of our house! 4 years later, we are loving our basement! It has made it possible for us to stay in our home. We now have baby #5 on the way, which would NOT have been possible without the basement.

I often think about craft nights and how much fun I use to have helping and visiting with my fellow crafters. I have SOOOOO many ideas that have been running in my mind, but I still don't have a workshop :(   My hubby and I are working on how to get things available to use again. I do not know how soon this will happen, but at least we are talking about it. I have begun to do some indoor crafting (non wood working) since I have this new big spacious basement! (I hope to share these items with you soon...until then, enjoy these exciting pictures of our CrAzY house move!)  I have tried to include pictures that are step by step of the move so there are quite a lot of them. This was such a fun, yet stressful event in our lives. I am so glad we did it and would not change a thing!

 I know I have pictures of the demolition of my workshop or at least I did. They were uploaded to another computer since I could not get into my home during the move...I just don't remember which computer or whose! I am not computer savvy so I need to see if my techy husband can figure it out for me. When they are found (hopefully) I will share them with you.

 Before & After:

 This picture isn't the best, I know, but it was all I could find. I need to organize my photos! They are chaotic. I am lucky I found this one.

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