Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little Ittles

Ok so I have told you that I would post what I have been working on since I no longer have my wood work shop. (oh I miss my garage) I switched to indoor crafting and the one that takes the most of my time, is sewing. I've never taken any other classes besides Home Ec. in Jr High School--thanks Mrs. Mock. Needless to say it has been a fun adventure learning as I go and coming up with my own techniques--which I'm sure there are real names for and probably faster ways to do them! I love to create things and experiment with new ideas. Here is a little history that got me started.

 I am a mother of 4 with baby #5 on the way!
One day my husband was feeding lunch to our little girl, we had 2 boys previously, and he noticed her bib was "boyish". (By the 3rd baby, you kinda just use what's available!) Well, he decided she needed a more "girlie" bib, which is when he got an idea. He thought it would be adorable to have her precious face be the center of a flower. He spoke with me later that night about his idea and asked if I could make it. We then brainstormed and got a few different ideas. I had the "ok" to spend as much money as I needed to get going and get the designs perfect. This was not hard for me because I love to buy fabric and crafty stuff, and create things...I began to wonder if he would regret the "ok" he gave me! My mind was going a million miles an hour, I could not keep up! I got right to work. It took some time to get the designs to look the way I imagined (I have a hard time making the idea that's in my head, come to life) I got discouraged many times, but was inspired more, so I pressed on. I soon made my first bib. It was a sunflower bib. It was exactly what I wanted...except I made it with scrap fabrics so my adorable little girl was still wearing a "not-so-girlie" bib! (Or at least not-so-cute)

Creating this first bib gave me the drive to continue on. Since, I have been designing and creating these unique, adorable bibs. As of now, we have 15 different designs created and many more waiting to be brought to life.

I now have 4 children and another on the way. I always reach for these bibs over any others because I love the look, the functionality, the style, and mostly that my baby keeps her clothes clean!

All bibs are made with 100% cotton and backed with absorbent terry cloth. They are sewn with coordinating thread and top stitched for durability and style. All are secured with a heavy duty snap, so little hands don't pull them off!

These are the original styles I came up with. I since have come up with many more. Next I made some elephants, monkeys, and cupcakes.

This year I came up with my Independence collection. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays and so I really enjoyed working on these! All are bibs unless noted underneath.


Burp cloth

Wash cloths

Currently I am working on my Halloween collection. Halloween is another of my favorite holidays so I am loving creating these too! I am also working on a Halloween craft for craft night! Yep I'm going to have one again soon! (Unless this baby has other plans!) So check back soon for the craft night craft!

Oh I forgot to list the name of our company for our
 one-of-a-kind designer baby bibs!

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